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Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks
A range of traditional and contemporary wall clocks from world wide brands such as Karlsson, Roger Lascelles & Nextime.

Funky Clocks

Funky Clocks
Brighten & jazz up any modern home with our stunning range of funky and unusual clocks.

Kitchen Clocks

Kitchen Clocks
A wide selection of classic designs on toughened and enamel kitchen clocks - ideal for busy kitchen areas.

Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clocks
Digital & traditional alarm clocks in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. Never oversleep again!

Office Clocks

Large Clocks
Our Office Clocks use neutral colours with simplistic designs to create clocks ideal for any study or office.

Retro Clocks

Retro Clocks
Back to the good old days with these retro wall clocks. Timeless designs in a variety of shapes and colours.

Clock Discount

The online supplier for Wall Clocks, Alarm Clocks, Kitchen Clocks, Retro Clocks and more.

Start browsing our massive clock range & find your perfect clock today.

Wall Clocks

Clock discount is one of the UKs leading online suppliers of Wall Clocks, Retro Clocks, Alarm Clocks and more, with UK held stock of the major clock brands such as Karlsson, Nextime and Roger Lascelles.

But don't be fooled by our name, we are all about quality clocks at the lowest possible price, ensuring throughout, we give a professional service and a great product at the end of it.

A wall clock can make all the difference to a room, long gone are the days where people believed that clocks were just another must have object that just sat unnoticed. Now wall clocks such as the roger lascelles manhattan wall clock can really define and bring a room to life. That's why it's key to choose the right clock for your needs and then maintain it to get the very most out of it. There is just a massive range of amazing wall clocks out there! Check out our range of fantastic black wall clocks

Choosing The Right Clock

The first thing you need to consider when picking the right clock for your room is what style of clock you want. Do you need a clock for your living room, bedroom and so on, do you need a clock for the wall, for your bedside, etc. Once you have decided what you are looking for then you can begin searching for the right style.

Some things to consider when looking for a wall clock:

  1. How big is the clock - most clocks will tell you how big they are in diameter. Eg: 30cm.
  2. Where is the clock for?
  3. Would this clock fit in my room?

Alarm Clocks

In short, an alarm clock is a device which is designed to generate a noise at a specific time. The main use of an alarm clock is to wake people from sleep in order for their day to begin or from a short nap or other reminders. On traditional alarm clocks, to stop the sound, the button on the top of the clock will need to be pressed. More sophisticated alarm clocks will automatically turn themselves off after a period of time if left unattended. The classic analogue alarm clock has an extra hand where it specifies what time to activate the sound of the alarm.

In recent years, the use of the mobile has compromised the traditional use of the alarm clock, however, many people prefer the traditional way of the alarm clock and the style and character a quality alarm clock can add to a room or bedside table.

On a traditional, bell style, alarm clock, a mainspring drives the gear which makes the clacker propel backwards and forwards between two bells or on the side of a single bell. On an electric bell style alarm clock, the bell rings with an electromagnetic circuit and armature which switches the circuit in the clock on and off again, making the ringing sound.

The traditional alarms have a one or two bell ring; however, digital alarm clocks have the ability to make a variety of different noises. The basic battery powered alarms make a loud buzzing noise while certain novelty alarm clocks can produce a variety of noises. In recent years, the rise of radio alarm clocks and mp3 alarm clocks has been significant. These clocks, rather than making the traditional alarm sounds, will play a pre selected radio station or track from your mp3 player to wake you up, giving much more choice to the owner as to what music they wake up to.

For people who are deaf or who are hard of hearing could find traditional alarm clocks useless. Specialized alarm clocks exist where the traditional noise is accompanied by flashing lights. Another solution is that of alarm clocks connected to vibrating devices which can be left under pillows or under beds to wake the user.

A new type of alarm clock to hit the market is that of progressive alarm clocks which go at different times. Sleep inertia has been a lifelong problem which affects many people. This is where the user has a feeling of lethargy or ‘grogginess’ that occurs from being woken abruptly by an alarm sound. Progressive alarm clocks claim to solve this problem.

Sleepers can become accustom to the sound of their own alarm after a certain period of time. Due to progressive alarm clocks having a complex waking procedure, this can deter the adaptation to the regular alarm sound due to the body needing to adapt to more stimuli than just a simple sound alert.

Many significant scientific studies on sleeping have discovered that the sleep stage at awakening is an important factor in amplifying sleep inertia. The early alarms which use ‘sleep stage monitoring’ came to market in around 2005 and, using specialised technology, will only wake people from a light sleep.

An alarm clock is a great way to get yourself out of bed during those cold winter mornings.


One of the main brands which we stock is that of Karlsson. Karlsson are a respected, well known Dutch company who specialise in clocks. The brand of Karlsson is renowned for its stunning design, innovative style, fantastic quality and aesthetic shapes in two different categories.

The first category is that of classic design. The clean style and shapes of many of Karlsson’s clocks lend themselves perfectly to any home office, study or business workplace. The crisp colours of black, white and silver complement this style perfectly.

Coupled with the classic category is that of the modern, contemporary designs which aim to push the boundaries of interiors. These clocks are catered for design-led styling and are heavily influenced by current colour and print based trends while accessorising any room beautifully.

The Karlsson range is continually being updated and renewed by a range of international designers and the BOX32 team of designers. Newly added to the range is a stunning collection of traditional and contemporary larger clocks.

Roger Lascelles

Roger Lascelles are the UK’s largest clock manufacturer and are proud of their fantastic heritage. Home grown skills and designers are at the heart of the Roger Lascelles brand which is renowned not only in the UK but throughout the world.

Roger Lascelles have been making clocks for over 20 years (21 to be precise) and follow modern, contemporary trends in interior design while still keeping the charm of yesteryear. A charming old tin clock from the 1930’s which was bought in a Paris flea market has inspired many of the ‘shabby chic’ designs which are now found throughout the Roger Lascelles range.

The team at Roger Lascelles captures the very essence of past periods such as 50’s retro, Victorian classics and Art Deco to give the clocks a truly authentic feel. This very acute attention to detail and to style is what Lascelles say sets them apart from other brands and is a quality which people can appreciate when purchasing one of their stunning clocks.


Nextime are another supplier from Holland who specialise in clocks. Established in 1970, with 40 years of experience in design, Nextime now trade in over 50 countries on the world and claim to be the world’s leading clock company.

Nextime believe that their clocks are products which are for everyday use, while still having the quality and style to be more than just a time telling device. Their belief repeatedly pushes the designers to create a stunning range of clocks which are inspirational and unique, offering both traditional and contemporary themes to meet the needs of any room in any home. One of our favourite nextime clocks is the Silver Focus Wall Clock, which can be seen below:


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