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Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks have become less functional in recent years due to the rise of the popularity of the mobile phone; however, no phone can ever add as much decoration to a room as a charming or modern alarm clock.

Traditional alarm clocks would ring two bells on top of the clock when the set time was reached; however, more modern alarm clocks have digital faces with snooze buttons so you can stay in bed a little longer!

The one clock which blends both the traditional styling with a modern face is the Karlsson Digibell alarm clock (KA4134). This clock will add copious amounts of charm to your bedside table whilst still having a traditional design. The height of the clock is 17cm and the depth is 10cm.

Roger Lascelles supply us at Clock Discount with the traditional clocks which you see on our site. Some of the most popular clocks include the fold away, travel alarm clocks. These are small, premium quality, alarm clock which comes in genuine leather cases. This is then kept in a tin box to keep the clock extra safe whilst travelling. These alarm clocks come in brown, pink, cream and imitation crocodile leather cases and have traditional dials. An ideal, high quality gift!

Two of the most popular Karlsson alarm clock we stock are the black and while gummy alarm clocks. The black (KA4548) has a black casing with a blue backlight so it can be seen at night. The white (KA4951) has white casing and, like the black, has a blue backlight also. Both of these fantastic clocks have snooze buttons and make ideal gifts for friends and family.

Alarm Clocks

Let's take a deeper look at some of our alarm clocks. It's important to choose the right alarm clock to complement the decor of the room which the alarm clock is going in. We stock alarm clocks in a variety of colours, sizes and styles.

Black Gummy Alarm Clock – KA4548

The black gummy alarm clock has fast become one of our most popular alarm clocks here at Clock Discount. The casing of the clock is 'gummy' plastic and is black, with the backlight of the clock blue. The numbers on the clock are digital black, with the clock using three, Duracell AAA batteries. The clock comes complete with snooze button on top for those extra few minutes you might need in bed! The gummy is also available in white (White Gummy Alarm Clock)

Karlsson Digibell Digital Alarm Clock – KA4134

Another fantastic alarm clock from Karlsson comes in the form of the Digibell digital alarm clock. The clock has a classic design which comes with a modern twist, with the shape and colour reminiscent of an old alarm clock, with a digital red display. The clock is ideal for any bedside and even includes the transformer required. The height of the clock is 10cm, ensuring it will fit onto any bedside cabinet easily.

Karlsson Silver Numbers in Relief Alarm Clock – KA5175

This unusual alarm clock is lightly coloured with a dome over the face to protect it. The case of the clock is lightly coloured, as is the face and numbers on the clock. The numbers are a variety of neutral colours which are perfect for virtually any type of decor. Use one Duracell AA battery for best result!

Nextime Bonjour Chrome Alarm Clock – 5170CH

The clean design of the Nextime Bonjour chrome alarm clock lends itself perfectly to a wide variety of decor. The clock surround is chrome, encompassing a white face. There are sharp markings on the clock to show what hour the time is, with the hands of the clock black, ensuring you can clearly see what time it is. This particular model uses one AA battery and the face has a diameter of 11cm.


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